The 2 Safest Style of Catering Serving During Pandemic Era

Planning to hold a wedding party in the midst of a pandemic like now? Delicious dishes with beautiful garnishes are a must. However,  the food and its presentation techniques which are safe for health are also essential.

Here are 2 catering serving styles that you can choose during the pandemic.

Set Menu

Set menu is a technique of serving dishes where the food is delivered by the waiter to the guest table. This technique must still be carried out according to health protocols, namely dishes are brought from the kitchen to the table in a covered condition and the arrangement of guest chairs is carried out following the social distancing rules. Due to the attending waiters, guests can avoid making physical contact and holding food containers together like during a buffet. However, set menus require more number of waiters than buffets or buffets. The advantage of the set menu is that the dishes and tables are decorated more beautifully and can increase the prestige of the event owner.

Rice box

Rice box isa complete rice with side dishes packaged in a carton. This is a popular form of takeaway catering during the pandemic. Takeaway catering is a type of catering service that prepares dishes for guests to take home. Over time, the choice of rice containers is increasingly diverse. Not only made of cardboard. Following the eco-friendly trend, bamboo baskets and box-shaped rattan containers are making a comeback. This traditional packaging does not contain many chemicals so that it supports the creation of safe food and is in accordance with a healthy lifestyle in the current pandemic era. Compared to the set menu, boxed rice is also more economical and practical.

Rice box is your choice? You should also complete it with a snack box containing various cakes put in beautiful containers. The material of the container should be adjusted to the packaging for the main menu which contains rice. Put boxed rice and snack boxes in contemporary wrapping bags with colors and models according to your wedding party concept.

Weddings are special events so every couple hopes the party will run smoothly and memorable, in terms of serving dishes. Using professional catering services is the right choice because you don’t have to bother with planning, compounding and serving dishes.
Leave this to us, Blanca Catering. We are ready to help you prepare dishes, both set menus and delicious and beautiful rice boxes for guests to take home.

The use of besek from woven bamboo is back on the rise because it is environmentally friendly and looks more attractive