Understanding your needs is an art. We understand that every individual and corporation wants to be understood. We pay great attention to every single detail of your catering service needs. Our commitment is surely serving delicious, nutritious and hygienic dishes at the right time. Creating a memorable dining experience is our main concern.


Corporate Catering

We are ready to assist you in maintaining employee productivity and entertaining the guests by preparing meals for the company canteen, meetings, office inauguration events, company , brands, products launching and position handover , as well as gala dinners.

Special Private Event

Rely on us for wedding celebration, birthday party, thanksgiving, small gathering, religious event with classical or modern concept or an outdoor garden party. Undoubtedly, all the invited guests will have an extraordinary dining experience.

Our Services:

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Signature Menu

Nasi Belayag Blanca

Balinese cuisine. Consist of tipat, eggs, shredded chicken, lawar, urap and sambal which are drenched in coconut milk sauce rich in spices.The savory taste makes anyone want to always come back to enjoy it.

Tenggiri Dedara Bakar Blanca

The soft texture of the mackerel meat combined with the savory and spicy taste of the spices is ready to shake the tongue. Served complete with chili sauce with a fresh lime scent and fresh basil and cucumber salad.

Ayam Kalasan Blanca

Grilled for hours in bamboo to create a savory flavored chicken with a smoky aroma that evokes

Sate Pusut Blanca

Long beans are cooked with savory coconut milk as well as turmeric, kencur, and lime leaves. The fresh aroma of kencur combined with a slightly bitter and spicy taste of turmeric is ready to make the tongue sway.

Sudang Leupeut Blanca

Processed salted fish typical of Buleleng which is fried in pure coconut oil and given lime leaves and chilies to create a meal that is savory, spicy and has a fresh aroma. Increases appetite.

Bubur Ledok Blanca

Processed salted fish typical of Buleleng which is fried in pure coconut oil and given lime leaves and chilies to create a meal that is savory, spicy and has a fresh aroma. Increases appetite.
Meracik menu bercita rasa lezat, bernutrisi dan higienis untuk setiap suasana.


We pay attention to details. The smallest things can create beautiful memories. Through delicious, artistically presented dishes served by skilled and friendly waiters, we provide the best dining experience for all occasions, both indoor and outdoor.


Corporate Canteen


Reunion & Birthday Celebration


We understand that every employee needs excellent stamina in order to work well. In every buffet menu for employees, we include complete nutritional content to increase stamina.

Package A

White rice
Sweet and sour snapper

Chicken pepper with oyster sauce
Rendang beef
Kimlo soup
Blanca pickle
Chilli sauce
Prawn crackers
Assorted pieces of fruit

Package B

White rice
Floured fried prawn
Chicken katsu
Beef kalio
Cah pokcay meatball
Chilli potato chips
Bride’s gado-gado
Lemon lime sauce
Melinjo crackers
Assorted pieces of fruit

Package C

Red rice
Curry meat
Paniki roasted chicken
Doriyaki fish
Orange chicken cap soup
Tomato sauce
Prawn crackers
Assorted pieces of fruit


Package D

White rice
Chicken satai lilit
Steamed fish
Beef stew
Spicy sitsit chicken
Lawar chicken
Vegetable ointment
Prawn crackers
Matah sambal
Orange & salak


We look up highly on each country culture. What ever culture of any nation is concerned, our menu creation will always represent authenticity.


Package A

White rice
Serundeng fried chicken
Multicolored vegetable soup
Tofu belacan
Sauteed spinach + bean sprouts
Bajak sambal
Prawn crackers
Orange fruit

Package B

White rice
Tuna rica-rica
Salted egg
Jakarta’s asem vegetable
Potato fried sambal
Dadak sambal
Prawn crackers
Banana fruit

Package C

White rice
Sweet Spicy Grilled Chicken
Vegetable Laksa
Bride’s Gado-Gado
Shrimp crisp
Assorted Fruit Cut





Package A

White rice
Beef teriyaki
Caesar salad
Tofu soup
Assorted fruit cut

Package B

Basil Chicken
Tom Yam Soup
Thai Mustard Greens with Oyster Sauce
Assorted Fruits

Package C


Kung Pao Chicken
Cap Cay
Sapo Tahu
Assorted Fruits


Chicken/Beef Steak
Long Potato Fries
Chicken/Beef Spaghetti Bolognese
Dory Tomato Sauce
Green Salad






Hot coffee
Hot tea
Mineral water
Steamed brownies
Chicken arem-Arem
Sus Eclair
Steamed apem
Pandan diamond
Batun Duren

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