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Cilegon is a city full of memories for us. In this city, Blanca Catering was established. The founders are a married couple born in Bali, Wayan Miakhti Sudama and Wayan Gede Sudama. Initiated by the idea of sharing goodness with others, this Bali-born couple built a catering business together eventually.

Many good things have happened upon the establishment of Blanca Catering. Since 1985 we have been able to provide jobs vacancy for local residents. We also consistently help our clients who don’t have a kitchen to still being able to prepare food for employees and personal special events.

Blanca Catering also shares the goodness with food ingredients suppliers. We invite them to provide qualified materials for clients together with us, The awareness of the golden opportunity to develop a catering business in Bali in 2021 made us decided to expand our business core to the Island of the Gods. On this island with a strong tradition, we are committed to incorporating the values of local wisdom in running our business.



Wayan Miakhti & Wayan Gede Sudama

The Founders
Managing by this couple, Blanca Catering presents the best dining experience for all occassions.

Blanca Catering was established due to the foresight of this married couple to read market opportunities in Cilegon. The heart of this catering business is Wayan Miakhti. Like a mancagra, the name for the manager of traditional cuisine in Bali, she mastered the technique of mixing dishes with the flavors of his ancestral heritage.
Based on a feeling, she is able to create the right taste, texture and aroma to make the food is delicious and appetizing when tasted. However, they realize that running a business must be professional and that is why each menu of their work is standardized so that the taste of each dish is consistent. They also recruited skilled chefs and waiters to provide the best dining experience in order to always able to meet the demand of the cuisine for Indonesian, Asian and Western specialties.
This couplepreneur professionally manages the catering business. Although she can represent the figure of an independent female entrepreneur, she does not let go of the role of her husband from her business, assisted by her husband who specializes in financial management, Wayan Gede Sudama, Blanca Catering has succeeded in combining the original flavors of local dishes from various countries equipped with skilled waiter services for all occasions.

Team Bali

Team Cilegon


Armed with 30 employees, 1 central kitchen, 3 cars unit, and a mission to take over the complexities of preparing delicious, nutritious and hygienic dishes for corporate and personal special events. 200 employees of PT Cabot, and a wedding celebration were successfully served.

Over 800 employees of PT Bakri Kasi dan PT PENI fulfilled their dining’ needs using our service. This was implemented by having central kitchen operation 24 hours per day with the division of 3 shifts working hours.

Over 1000 the portion of the daily dish were prepared in the central kitchen and the kitchen of corporate clients. New clients enrolled were; PT Asahimas and PT Chandra Asri Chemical.

An increase in placing orders. Has led to central kitchen production capacity to servings 4000 portion on a daily basis.

Obtained ISO certified 22000:2005 for Blanca Catering food quality and safety assurance for clients.


Having the expansion to Bali, a central kitchen with a capacity of 2000 per day was built in Gianyar. In a new place, commitment to upholding local wisdom is strengthened.


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“Blanca Catering was able to meet our epectations of delicious and hygienic dishes and timely serving.”
Bakrie Kasei Corporation
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“We were greatly assisted by Blanca Catering all the complexities of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for our employees could be managed properly.”
PT Nippon Steel
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“We have always used Blanca Catering to meet the needs of meeting dishes for our company.”
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“The wedding reception is sacred and nostalgic event for my husband and I. Blanca Catering contributed a great deal to create a nostalgic atmosphere that successfully swayed the tounges of the delicious cuisine of our invited guests and those closest to us.”

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