Married During a Pandemic, Do These 3 Good Things

The pandemic and the appeal to keep a distance are not an obstacle to getting married. There are still many couples who continue their plans to get married. Even so, there is a change in trends in organizing weddings. During the pandemic, the tradition of holding a reception is no longer an option.

The government’s call to keep a distance has made most couples choose to hold a marriage ceremony only, without a reception. This fact was revealed from the survey results of the Populix research institute. Only a handful of couples still hold the marriage ceremony and reception. Another trend is to hold a virtual marriage ceremony and reception, but still invite the closest people to attend the venue.

Uniquely, the adaptation in the form of the implementation of the wedding ceremony did not change the number of invited guests. Based on the results of Populix’s research, family ties in Indonesia are so strong that it is difficult for people to invite just a few people.

Most couples keep inviting more than 100 guests. However, there is a change in the trend in terms of serving dishes. Dishes for guests are now served in sealed containers to be taken home.

Then there was also a change of venue, from indoor to outdoor. The goal is to minimize the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. Are you like most couples who continue their wedding plans during a pandemic? If so, make your wedding a place to do well. We invite you to practice these good things so that the health of all guests is maintained.


Preparing for a wedding can trigger fatigue and anxiety. To relax on D Day, smile more. Smiling will give positive energy to you and your guests. Of the ten facial muscles that move when you smile, you will get the intake of endorphins that bring happiness. Your smile also makes guests feel welcome with an open attitude.

Adhere to health protocols

Apply standard health protocols. Prepare hand sanitizer in parking areas, entrances, and points where there is a potential for queues. Before entering, guests are checked for body temperature and must wash their hands using the hand sanitizer provided by the committee. Guest seats are arranged according to social distancing rules. Meals are also served by being delivered to the invitee’s seat. One more thing, the bride and groom do not shake hands by touching, but follow the namaste way.

Serve Hygienic Dishes

Serving delicious and hygienic dishes will impress guests. You can just use the help of a few assistants to make delicious dishes. However, delicious is not necessarily hygienic. You can teach them about hygienic standards, but on a D-Day when there is minimal supervision, it’s not necessarily having to be applied according to the guidelines. Avoid this risk by using the professional catering services of Blanca Catering.

In addition to understanding hygiene standards, we will also follow pandemic trends. During a pandemic like now, the trend is for food to be packaged in closed containers for guests to take home or also known as takeaway catering. We incorporate the art of decorating food and carving fruit so that every take-away dish still looks beautiful and appetizing. This food is then served in a beautiful and hygienic container.

Apply these 3 goodness so that you and all the invitees stay healthy after attending the wedding. More than that, they will also be impressed by the way you welcome and appreciate your guests. Want to contact us? Click the box below.